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Our boston terrier puppies are for sale. We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers in the Pacific Northwest.  We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs.  Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train.
Our Boston Terriers, or boston bulls are the sweetest most loyal companions ever.  We are located close to Portland, Oregon, but sell all over the United States including Alaska. Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Pasco, Salem, Boise, all these cities have our alumni!
We also have pups in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and all of California.  SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PUPS

Pups will have registration papers, first puppy shots, vet check and kennel cough shots prior to going home.   Updated 9/1/15.  Reserve now!    

Pups require a $300 deposit toward their total purchase price to hold.  This is normally accepted in a personal check or money order, Or you can pay via paypal as a "friend" to however, cash only upon delivery. We will not deliver a pup and accept a check as payment!!

Please be prepared to pick your puppy up the weekend that you are told that it can be picked up.  Do not plan on us keeping your pup while you are on vacation or out of town working. Make some other arrangements or pick from a litter that will be ready to come home at a later date. We are a small kennel and have limited space and need to make sure that our momma's and babies have the optimum housing.  Once a pup is 8 week's old it needs to go to it's new home immediately as we are set up for the tiny babies or the flip side of the dogs.

Please read our kennel rules.  see link above to left. 
 I'm Shorty, a sweet little fella.  I look just like my daddy, I remember things very well and am a bit shy at first. I am reserved for Taylor R.
I'm Spot, playful and silly! reserved for Megan H.  Ready for new home First week of September
I'm Roger, reserved for Jennifer Mac  Ready for new home First week of September A big boy who likes to think about things and then act!

These are Elizabeth's kids below:  Ready for new homes approx Sept.11th.I'm Stephanie. I'm a little go getter, into everything, super snoopy and already eating mom's food.  She holds her own against the rest of the litter and will do good with other dogs. Reserved for Kara Pol
I'm Sheena  Reserved for Kari.tor  Sheena is a kind little girl who enjoys getting into mischief and is already learning things at amazing speed. Should be super easy to train!
I'm Baxter.   Bax is a laid back little fella that loves people.  AVAILABLE
I'm Astro, a cute little fella that is very loving and kind. I am very patient and funny, enjoy chasing all sorts of stuff and trying to squeek a toy. I'm going to be smaller in size and very smart.  AVAILABLE
I'm Gus Very mellow and sweet.  I just adore having my belly rubbed and laying on my back in your hand sleeping while you rock me back and forth.  Reserved for Robin Nic.
I'm Rocky. Very alert and already showing signs of high intelligence.  Great markings, nose should fill in to all black. I am a little planner, I get the other pups to follow me into all sorts of mischief! I adore playing tag and playing with old sticks and stuff, will most likely like to play fetch with you when I'm older.  AVAILABLE
These are Sassy's pups below:  Ready for new homes approx week of Sept. 11th.

I'm Bingo a cute little boy. Very patient and sweet, I put up with about anything and enjoy about everything too! Reserved for JJ Han.
Pups are available unless it says reserved by their pictures.I'm Burke, I enjoy a good sleep on the bed with grandma, and then I enjoy going out and playing in the grass and generally doing all sorts of doggie stuff. chasing cats, trying to meet a chicken who is 10 times larger than I, falling off the porch...just can't get the hang of steps yet!  I'm Available. Would help if the steps weren't taller than me!
I'm Skipper a little coy when you take pics. I'm a boy. Oh, Golly, I let everyone pack me around and put up with all sorts of stuff from kids!   Reserved for Derek J Fun
I'm little Maggie. A sweet little girl. Tentatively reserved for Emma Thig.  I love to race in circles and fall over the other pups cause they get in the way!  Then I sleep with my legs stretched out behind me and they fall over me!

Petunia Pups ready for new homes last week of September/First of OctoberI'm Betsy, I'm an advertursome little girl with LOVELY dark red coloring.  Reserved for Timothy Sinq
I'm Sandra Reserved for Dane Mol, Geez, gma you just woke me up from a nap! I love to snuggle
I'm Allison, is a very sweet little girl who loves to check out everything. If it moves she will see it! Reserved for Deann Hals
I'm Flash! a little boy. Reserved for SeAnne T. Faster than a stroke of lightning, I can play and race around then plop down and watch TV!
I'm Alvin. Reserved for Ashleigh R.  A gentle spirit with lots of love, playful and silly though. Don't let his look of innocence fool you!  He will get into mischief!
Frankie's Pup I'm Gizmo a cute little boy. Reserved for Teresa L. I'm going to be a larger boy who is quite confident in myself and my abilities!

Meet Jimmy Dean.
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ges or pictures are found on this page.  Terrier puppies are available in Oregon and Kansas from the breeders represented here.  It is a family business with cousins and daughters breeding and loving boston terrier pups and adults. We sell all over the world but focus mainly in Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska area.  We hand raise our pups, they are loved each day and totally socialized by the time you get them at 8 weeks of age.  Pups are sweet and loving. Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Eugene, Salem, The Dalles, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Astoria, Tri-Cities etc are all areas we serve.