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We have Boston Terrier puppies for sale, there are discounts on multiples or you can buy one puppy at a time!   We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers specializing in sales to the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs. Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train. 

Our Boston Terrier puppies are the sweetest, most loyal companions ever. We sell all over the United States in major cities like Portland, Oregon., Seattle, Washington., Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Salem, Boise, Kansas City, Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Wichita, Kansas and other states. We also have dogs who came from us in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and all of California.

Pups will come to you with two puppy shots and neopar shot, it is your responsibility to finish the 4 shot series to provide the best immunity possible for your pup. Pups will have been wormed, pre-treated against parasites, parasite checked, vet checked and come with CKC, ACA or AKC registration papers. UPDATED 6/1/20  
See our "How to purchase tab" and our "Kennel Rules" tabs, it will explain a lot to you. We post pictures weekly on Friday or Saturday.  We have had our website for over 16 years, we are not a fly by night scammer.  You can purchase with confidence.  CLICK HERE FOR GREAT INFO ON POTTY TRAINING YOUR PUPPY!

DATE OF BIRTH IS POSTED ON THE FIRST PICTURE OF EACH LITTER. IT WILL SAY DOB:  Figure 8-9 weeks from that date is approximate go home time.
PLEASE READ our KENNEL RULES see tab at top of page.

  My cousin had a litter of little kids 3boys and 3 girl on 5/26/20, I will post pictures of them soon as their little eyes open... we have three more little girls due any time. We are developing a waiting list for puppies, if you would like to be added email me, let me know what you are wanting as far as color and sex and we will add you to our list. We should have quite a few pups shortly.

Dottie has kids!  Date of birth 5/16/20
Manley, a cute little fella with a dot on his nose that will grow and grow!  Reserved for Casey D.
Johnny an adorable little fella peeping at the camera. Incomplete collar but neat marking!  Reserved for Karl Sc
LIttle Redman, an adorable little fella who will have a nice dark nose when he gets older.  Really cool snoopy bird with mouth open marking on his neck!  Reserved for Christine D.

Travis is a cute little fella who will have a blacker nose than you think, there is a tiny black dot on there that will grow!  Reserved for Makota.
Jesse is just so cute,  Just a little rascal, he is so snoopy already! Reserved for Steve J.

Faith's litter is red/white she and her husband are pictured here.  Babies are also shown. These kids go home approx 6/26-27
This is Charity, Reserved for Debra Co
Red group's parents pics:
Hope is reserved for Jordynn E.

Peg's blue litter born to Olive  4/27/20 These kids go home approx 6-26-27
Little Blue Gypsy is a cutie for sure!  $1400.00 reserved for Teepee Paul

Sweet little Jewel. A lovely girl Rare coloring and very sweet personality. Probably will have BLUE eyes for a stunning took! $1400.00  Reserved for Angelique  Note the ear with blue under and white on top. Really different!
Sweet Stanley reserved for Kenny E.

Handsome Oliver reserved for Stephen J.
Sleepy Benji.  He has really grown this week! Reserved for Coleman M.

Lovely Melody so danged sleepy just couldn't get her woke up today!  Reserved for Timothy G.
Adorable little Livvy reserved for Neil W.  curious already, checking out a bug on the ground, look at the attention she is paying to it!

Cute little Hallie  LOVELY markings and Reserved for Marianne

Peg's Brandy had 5 pups Red and whites and black/whites DOB 5/8/20  These kids go home approx 6/27-28
Introducing Woody. A adorable little fella with a spot in his neck!  Reserved for Rodney B.
Wolvey, what an adorable little kid! Reserved for Andrew Ch
Lovely Riding hood. Such a deep rich red color in her coat.  Reserved for Aida S

Meet Gidget, reserved for repeat customer Bill S.
This is sweet little Repunzil!  A darling little girl! RESERVED for Darla J.  Darla keep an eye on the nose as it will get blacker and blacker in the weeks to come as the spots merge.

Sweet Ivy my little brindle girl has had her litter, she is a very tender mother and loves her babies to pieces! DOB: 5/9/ 20 These kids go home approx 6-27/28
Sweet little Babe, with a very unusually marked neck there. Starting to try to toddle already!  Reserved for Marianna
Lovely harlequin Princess. half white face with the stunning black nose to offset everything! WOW! Rare marking!  Christina B. Reserved.
Lovely Jeepers, a little boy, looks to be possible a seal in color, the deep chocolate brown of delicious chocolate bars!   This fella was SO sleepy, he wouldn't open his eyes for pics! Reserved for Keri. smithh.

Barkley is an adorable fella with great markings!   He is getting a mustache!  Reserved for Troy D.
Little Corky has been snapped up by Heather K.  Watch those little black dots on his nose expand to cover that nose most all the way by the time he is ready to go home.!

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