Boston Terrier Puppies Sale -

Our boston terrier puppies are for sale. We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers in the Pacific Northwest.  We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs.  Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train.
Our Boston Terriers, or boston bulls are the sweetest most loyal companions ever.  We are located close to Portland, Oregon, but sell all over the United States including Alaska. Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Pasco, Salem, Boise, all these cities have our alumni!
We also have pups in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and all of California.  SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PUPS

Pups will have registration papers, first puppy shots, vet check and kennel cough shots prior to going home.   Updated 3/24/15.  Reserve now!    

Pups require a $300 deposit toward their total purchase price to hold.  This is normally accepted in a personal check or money order, Or you can pay via paypal as a friend to however, cash only upon delivery. We will not deliver a pup and accept a check as payment!! DO NOT send your deposit requiring a signature. Our little post office closes early before we get off work and we cannot get to the office to sign for the letter! Thank you.

The oldest ones  below should be able to go to new homes Approx April 11th on 8 week birthday. The youngest litter on the bottom were born 4/13/15 and will be ready to go to new homes when they are 8 weeks old. I have a litter of 10 little black and whites which I will post pictures of in about a week and I have a litter due any moment from a black and white momma so we are on pins and needles about her!

Then we have litters due March 27th and 29th from red and white mothers, so will have red and white pups in the litters.   Will post new pics when their eyes open (10 days old)  Keep watching and reserve as soon as you see someone you like as they go quickly.  They will have their first two puppy shots given, wormings, parasite check, vet check and registration papers when you pick them up. Shot records will be also available.

Please read our kennel rules.  see link above to left. 
Girl 1 - Shiloh, little cutie pie!Reserved for Elizabeth Mur
Girl 2 - Amy, she is a sweet heart! Reserved for Andrea
Boy 1 - Rocky, he is a real charmer! Spunky and funny, he is a born snoop.  Very loving and friendly, he adores being out and about checking into new stuff even at this tender age. Reserved for Shannon A
Boy 2 - Dozer, he just dozes his way right into get food! Largest pup of the litter.  Reserved for Shannon A.
This litter is red and white, they will be medium in stature and depending how much you feed should be about 14-16 lbs for girls and 17-20 lbs for boys.  They should be all muscle with nice proportion.  No long legs, all will be in proportion. Teeny little noses, not totally flat. I prefer a teeny nose so they have less breathing related problems and something is there to help protect their eyes.

These kids are available for reservation now.
 I'm Wendy.  I know the lighting is terrible, but I am a red and white boston and my eyes are just starting to open.  I was born on 4/13/15. I'm available and I'm a little girl.  Reserved for Jennifer Dom
 I'm a little girl, black and white, call me Sandy. Reserved for Raven Hath.
 I'm a little boy and my name is Jasper! I'm black and white.
Reserved for Makara Mon.

  Believe it or not I am a red/white boston.  The next pics will have better lighting I promise.  Call me Red.
 We are a working farm and have other baby animals going now too.  See below for some fun pics!  No ear goats are LaMancha breed, most shown with floppy ears are boar or meat goats, and straight ears are Alpine goats.  Sheep and our herding dog and little "Jimmy Dean" the piglet.



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ges or pictures are found on this page.  Terrier puppies are available in Oregon and Kansas from the breeders represented here.  It is a family business with cousins and daughters breeding and loving boston terrier pups and adults. We sell all over the world but focus mainly in Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska area.  We hand raise our pups, they are loved each day and totally socialized by the time you get them at 8 weeks of age.  Pups are sweet and loving. Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Eugene, Salem, The Dalles, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Astoria, Tri-Cities etc are all areas we serve.