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We have Boston Terrier puppies for sale, there are discounts on multiples or you can buy one puppy at a time!   We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers specializing in sales to the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs. Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train. 

Our Boston Terrier puppies are the sweetest, most loyal companions ever. We sell all over the United States in major cities like Portland, Oregon., Seattle, Washington., Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Salem, Boise, Idaho, Kansas City, Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Wichita, Kansas and other states. We also have dogs who came from us in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and all of California.

Pups will come to you with two puppy shots and neopar shot, it is your responsibility to finish the 4 shot series to provide the best immunity possible for your pup. Pups will have been wormed, pre-treated against parasites, parasite checked, vet checked and come with CKC, ACA or AKC registration papers.   UPDATED 9/23/20  
See our "How to purchase tab" and our "Kennel Rules" tabs, it will explain a lot to you. We post pictures weekly on Sunday or Monday.  We have had our website for over 17 years, we are not a fly by night scammer.  You can purchase with confidence.  CLICK HERE FOR GREAT INFO ON POTTY TRAINING YOUR PUPPY!

DATE OF BIRTH IS POSTED ON THE FIRST PICTURE OF EACH LITTER. IT WILL SAY DOB:   We have Two litters that aren't on the page yet.  Their pictures will be posted on Sunday Sept. 27th as eyes will be open then.  The pups from Zoe and Hazel will be disappearing from the page, so if you pup isn't there anymore, that is because you will have him/her about October 3rd!
PLEASE READ our KENNEL RULES see tab at top of page.

Toes has had her first litter of babies. She is adorable and very small, father is red in color and is also medium small, expect the kids to be smaller in stature as adults. DOB 9/5/20
Meet tiny puddles, a cute little girl, her nose will fill in to be solid brown. Reserved for Javier Mon.

Dodger just looks tough, doesn't he?!  He is a cute little boy with a nice narrow collar. Reserved for Aaron W.
Harley is one of the rarer Harlequin boys with a half white face and one eye covered with red. He may have blue eyes, or one blue eye in the white area of the face.  Won't know till he is about 4 weeks old when the true color of eyes shows up.  Reseved for KC Rob.

Sweet little  Gracie has had her little litter. She is a small little girl at about 11 lbs, father is 17 lbs so expect pups to be smaller in size as adults. Date of birth 8/31/20Introducing Zeus, the cutest little fella! Reserved for Tracy & Eileen
Rod is just adorable. He is definitely different as he looks like he has a puzzle piece on his neck. Reserved for Scott I.
Tabbitha is just nothing but adorable!  Very unique face and cute little white mittens on front feet. Reserved for David and Allison C.

Mirry has an adorable little face and very unusual neck markings. I expect the dots to merge as she gets older. Reserved for KC Rob.
Peggy Sue is just ready to dance! Alert and lively, she is a real sweetheart!  Reserved for Laura J.

Dixie has her babies for Debut! Born approx 8/28/20.Meet Mercedes, a lovely little girl with a half collar and a cute little goatee!  Reserved for Alina Shk
Gabby has a lot of white with a full collar and dot on the top of her head. Really sweet little alert girl. Reserved for Kerri D.
Colton is a lovely little boy with a wide white collar and black, black nose! Reserved for Thad F.

Honey has odd markings on her neck which will make her stand out in a crowd!  Lovely girl with black nose.Reserved for Alina AHK
Sprite is a lovely little girl with a great personality. Reserved for Nichole Sch

Snickers had her babies 8/20/20
Meet little Ricky, full collar will have dark nose and be medium in size.  Reserved by Teresa H.
Casper is a real cutie pie!  Reserved for Breeder
Bugsy is nothing but very sweet!  Reserved for Sara R.

Rainbow didn't want to open her eyes for this picture, very cute little girl  Reserved
Heidi is super sweet and energetic. Reserved for Jaylene and her  Mom.
Shelby what a little cutie pie!  Reserved for breeder

Mia's kids were born 8/15/20 These kids vary in color from red to a deep chocolate brown Ellie is a classic example of a "color change" kid.  From the front she nearly looks black, but in dimmer light she is deep chocolate brown, even in flash her fur looks to be chocolate with red highlights  Reserved for Chris Au.
Willow, on the other hand, is a strawberry blonde in the bright light. A lighter color red. Reserved for Donna Mc.
Mac is nothing but adorable and reserved for Jeremy G.

King started out scared and very, very wriggley with the need to dominate, but he has calmed down a lot and looks like he may mellow out to a great companion. Reserved for Alex A
Ranger is the comic in the group. I pick him up and the tongue comes out, I put him down, the tongue goes in.  Up out, down in...LOL!  His tummy was very full at the time, so that explains that!  Reserved for Dawn B. More of a dark Chocolate guy, Dawn. Very lovely.

Hazel had her babies!  Born 8/6 Bullseye is the daddy!  Meet Billy the kid! Reserved
This is lucky Ace! He is a doll!  Reserved for Carmen R.
Tiny Bubbles, is the smallest little girl ever! Reserved for Jeanene S.

Carmen, the sweet heart! Reserved for John W.
Diva.  Meet the little Diva of the litter!  So cute!  Reserved for Hannah S.
More kids will be posted 9/20/20.  A couple of new litters.

Zoe had a little litter born: 7/31/20
Tiny Precious is reserved for Ginger H.
Little Austintina is a sweet little deep red and white GIRL.  Reserved for Jennifer C.
Adelaide is a lovely little deep red and white girl. She doesn't have a full collar but it is a collar going up both sides with a break in the top and a small white dot. Reserved for Darrin S.

Colt is a lovely little fella with an angel kiss on the head! Reserved for Eric. M.
Stetson is a lovely fella with full collar and a solid nose!  Reserved for Sue.
Ty is a lovely little full collar guy with lots of white around his neck and on chest.  Reserved for Brenda Mc.

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