Boston Terrier Puppies Sale -

Our boston terrier puppies are for sale. We are long established breeders of Boston Terriers in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest.  We breed for companion animals as well as loyal watch dogs.  Bostons are extremely intelligent and easy to train.
Our Boston Terriers, or boston bulls are the sweetest most loyal companions ever.  We sell all over the United States including Alaska. Main cities are Portland, Or.,  Seattle, Wa., Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, Eugene, Springfield, Pasco, Salem, Boise, Kansas City, Joplin, Oklahoma City, Wichita and other cities and states as well.
We also have dogs who came from us in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and all of California. We do not ship, however, if you wish to pick up your puppy at the airport, we can make arrangements for that.

Pups will have a regimen of puppy shots which will be provided to you upon delivery, it is your responsibility to finish the 4 shot series to provide the best immunity possible for your pup.   UPDATED 11/25/15.

Pups require a $400 deposit toward their total purchase price to hold, we accept the down payment through paypal or we can take personal check for the down payment.  You can pay via paypal as a "friend" to to avoid service charges, however, cash only upon delivery. We will not deliver a pup and accept a check as final payment!!

Here is the thing, folks. The youngest puppies on the page will HAVE to be picked up prior to December 23rd.  We will be going out of town with our youngest litter in tow in our RV and an anxious mother who will not tolerate any other pups with us.  We will have a caretaker at the farm but they are not privy to business dealings with the pups.  So if it states that a certain weekend is the pick up time for your puppy, plan on picking up on that weekend or the evening of the Monday/Tuesday following that weekend. We are not able to board pups for certain time pick ups.  RED PUPS WILL BE PICKED UP NEXT YEAR WHEN THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH.

Please read our kennel rules.  see link above to left.  LINK TO CONTRACT FOR PUPS.
I'm making my debut as Angie.  I'm the only little girl in the litter.  VERY black and white.  Smallest in the litter but most often girls are, not a runt by any means she is catching up quickly to the boys.Reserved for Dorothy M.  Maisey Pup
 Date of Birth Maisey's litter: 10/15/15 expected to home date: 12/12/15 Must be picked up no later than 12/14/15. Hi!  I'm RED, yep, I'm red in color and I'm a little boy. My father is very red and medium in stature, my mom is very petite. Both are very sweet and kind. RESERVED FOR  Chynna
Maisey Pup
I'm Mike a cute little black and white boy. Nicely marked I come from parents who are small! Reserved for Denise Be Maisey Pup
I'm Zippy, a little boy who just zips around so fast the angel who was trying to get that spot on my nose missed by a bit!   RESERVED FOR DEREK! Maisey Pup
I'm Buster, Im protesting cause I was taken off my lunch! Very nice markings, cute little socks on front feet!  Reserved for Tiffany H.  He just  couldn't keep his eyes open, he was so sleepy!
Maisey Pup
Date of Birth 10/20/15  QUEENIES's litter expected new home date weekend of 12/12 through 12/14/15 Must be picked up by then.
I'm Sarge, a cute little boy. RESERVED PENNY S. I am mellow fellow, you can do anything with me, dress me in doll clothes or whatever!  I will be a good watch dog and will protect you and let you know if an intruder is near.  I love me people though and really enjoy human's company.  I already think I'm a BIG watchdog. Queenie Pup
I'm Brock a sturdy little boy. AVAILABLE  I'm pretty darn mellow guy. Like to sleep on my back and be cuddled.  Love my food and am very intelligent cause I hear that camera buz and know the flash is going to go off!
Reserved for Steven Em   Queenie Pup
I'm Fang a little boy with a smudge on my mouth.  Reserved for Dawn Ph.  Laid back and mellow, I love laying in the arms of my human mom and just having my belly rubbed.Queenie Pup
I'm Ginger a sweet little girl  Reserved for Brettina Sh.
Queenie Pup
I'm Gracie a sweet little lover girl.  Reserved  for Amy Henn  Queenie Pup
I'm Sophie a darling baby girl. Reserved for Connie
Queenie Pup
Lucy's Pups follow. Go home week 12/20/15 Must be picked up no later than 12/23/15  DOB 10/27/15
I'm Jilly a a little girl who is protesting cause I was taken away from my lunch!  Reserved for Carrie Ha
I'm Minnie a cute little girl with a dot on top of my head!
Reserved for Melanie W. (M)
I'm Sheena a little black nose wonder! A little Harlequin with half white face, may have blue eye on white side and brown or green on the left. WIll have to see what times shows us!  She is lovely though with the dot on top of the head! Smart little bugger too! Took forever to get her pic as she heard the camera and closed her eyes for the flash!  Reserved for BlueHook.
Meet Tommy a sweet little fella. RESERVED FOR BRENT R.
Meet Li'l Joe. A cowboy for sure! A rare Harlequin or half white half black face. May have blue eye on the white side. Too early to tell, but will be very distinctive in looks! AVAILABLE  I guess cause I look different no one loves me :( This is Jimmy, an adventurous tike! Reserved for Monica Dor.
Blondies Litter Follows:    Date of Birth 10/28/15
Go home: Week 12/20/15 Must be picked up no later than 12/23/15
I'm Aladdin a nicely marked little boy. Reserved for Bekki
I'm Adam, I was born first.  AVAILABLE I'm Rickie. I like sleeping in the empty food dish and getting really dirty! AVAILABLE
I'm Hassie a little girl who is very intelligent! RESERVED FOR CASEY B. I'm Bosco, named after a wonderful little boy dog of a customer's.  Reserved for Toni..
I'm Chloe a little girl with a super black nose! RESERVED FOR SARAH E.
Meet Eden  with the tiny white toes. A little girl. Reserved for Rick.  
Meet Madge a little girl with spots on her nose which will fill in as she grows. RESERVED FOR JOSHUA H.
Tanner's pups: DOB 11/12/15 go home Jan 9thI'm Charlie AVAILABLE
I'm Jason  Available.
I'm Fido a little boy  Available.
I'm Sherry. Reserved for Jennifer Ko
I'm Tia a cute little girl!  AVAILABLE.

Meet Jimmy Dean.
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ges or pictures are found on this page.  Terrier puppies are available in Oregon and Kansas from the breeders represented here.  It is a family business with cousins and daughters breeding and loving boston terrier pups and adults. We sell all over the world but focus mainly in Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska area.  We hand raise our pups, they are loved each day and totally socialized by the time you get them at 8 weeks of age.  Pups are sweet and loving. Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Eugene, Salem, The Dalles, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Astoria, Tri-Cities etc are all areas we serve.