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Brenda B. 10/25/2016
The transaction with you went so smoothly. We are extremely pleased with the outcome.  Before we received our puppy, we decided to adopt two. This was a great decision.  The pups are so smart and play together all the time.  They learned their names quickly - Henry and Ally - and have started to respond to simple commands. I have never seen such smart puppies.

They are a great addition to our family. We have two other dogs, and our Labrador has treated the like they were her own offspring.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt your puppies.  You breed beautiful and loving Boston Terriers. 

Sheila G. 3/10/2017
Just wanted to say thank you so so so much!  We are all so in love with our little Zuzu.  I have no idea how much is nature vs nurture - but Zuzu is just an amazing pooch, no whining or crying at night at all (only two trips outside), no accidents in the house since yesterday 9 am, she just loves to be with people and is so tolerant of being touched everywhere - so well socialized.  Learned to sit yesterday at dinner time. I thought getting a puppy would be a much harder than this…gotta give credit where credit is due!!

Thank you and very much appreciate for your dedication and hard work to raise such wonder pups!

Cindy D.  4/9/2015
Easter Sunday! Boomer just realized how warm the dishwasher door is after just running a load of dishes…One of his favorite spots to warm himself!  Thank you for a wonderful little buddy!

Annette A.  Oct 7. 2020
I thought you might like to know that Griff is settled in and doing great in his new home. He’s a terrific little guy, though he’s growing so fast he won’t be little for much longer.

Thank you for my new best friend! 

Sheryl T  10/20/2018
Hi, I just wanted to send you a photo to show you where Daisy is today. She’s been through two weeks of training now and is so smart, picking up commands quickly.  She loves to play.  Thank you for bringing joy to so many people! 

Debra H. 2/4/2019
Hi there!  Boomer turned one year old Easter Sunday!  I can’t believe how fast that year went by!  He’s independent, he’s sassy, he’s fast and he yells at me all the time! LOL!  I just love this little boy!

Dave R.  1/20/20
Thank you!  (Lulu)  She’s our little princess…and resident hunter. She keeps our yard mole free - or at least we haven’t had a mole since she came home!
Food wise, our Frenchie is allergic to chicken, so she’s been on the same diet = Nutro limited ingredient grain and chicken free.  + a spoon or 2 of the same type of canned + spoon of canned squash for fiber.

Cinna G
Hi!  We are the ones who purchased Gypsy from you…I just wanted to say We love her and she is definitely part of the family…Spoiled for sure!!!  Thank you once again!  Love from your Gypsy, and her new family

Heather J  11/3/18
I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know just how much having Bridget as a part of our family has brought us so much joy.  She’s so full of life and loves to snuggle.  She starts her puppy manners class this week. She has handled her vet appointments with ease and everyone at her vet offie loves her. She often keeps my feet warm while I’m working or lays beside me.  Thank you so much for what you do in helping bring love and companionship to families!

Katherine B. 11/1/2018
I thought you might like to know how she is doing (itzy Bitzy). She is quite the character. She likes to play with the cat and is fast.  I have trouble catching her.  Her body is solid. She weighs little over 3 lbs. Everyone loves her.  How much does her mom and dad weigh?  I am having a great time with her!

Liz B  11/20/2018
Good afternoon!

It’s been months since I’ve emailed you, but I wanted to thank you for our wonderful girl!  She is my baby for sure.  We decided finally to name her Harley, and man is she fast!  She just got fixed last week and is healing nicely.  She is an absolute treasure, and we couldn’t be happier with her.

Thank you for helping us find and bring home our wonderful girl!

Jenna M-S  1/19/20
Yesterday was our 1 year “gotcha day” for our baby Kylo.  Just wanted you to see how big he is!! 27 lbs!!  Thanks again for being a reliable and professional breeder!  Jenna

Jesse N. 7/21/2019
Hello,  I just wanted to email to tell you that “sprinter” who we have named Baker is absolutely the best dog imaginable.  He is so cuddly and so adorable. People comment all the time on how cute and well mannered he is. Thank you for letting him become part of our family!  Also - his ears are HUGE which I love!  :)

Anna P. 02/11/2021
Hi Suzann and Peggy,
I just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful puppy. We picked her up a few hours ago. She gave us lots of kisss on the way home. She is a confident and sweet girl. She walked right up and kissed her new big brother, Hunter on the nose.  He actually jumped back surprised she got so close to him..LOL.  We all laughed. She got her first warm bath and decided it was time for a long nap in her new crate. You are correct, she is quite lovely.  Attached are two pictures, I will send pictures from time to time. Thanks again, Anna

Sandra S. 3/17/21

I am so glad to have found your site for Boston Terrier puppies. Talking to you on the phone gave me all the confidence I needed to purchase one of your puppies. The fact that you are so caring and compassionate about your dogs and puppies was really wonderful and the ease of communication as well as the transaction during the pandemic was very reassuring.

I love that Atlas is a great companion already. At 5 months old, he is spirited, independent, cuddly and very social. From the minute I laid eyes on him I fell in love. This is by far one of the best dogs I have ever had and I look forward to many adventures with him.

Olga K.  3/23/21
Thank you again so very much for this wonderful puppy.  My dogs love her and she fit right into our family.  Our big ones ae so gentle and protective of her and my husband and I are just so in love!

Becky S. 3/29/21
Hello!  Just wanted to send some recent pictures of my handsome boy, Justice. He is 21 lbs. of cuteness now we call him a big moose I just love him to pieces. He loves to play fetch and loves squeaky toys.  All in all he is growing great and healthy as a moose.  Hope all is well with you and your family!  Becky S.

Christina B. 4/2/21
Hello there, I just wanted to let you all know that River is doing just fine. She will be a year old in May.  She is very social and loves to meet new people and dogs.  She has a bunch of friends that she plays with on a regular basis. I bought her as a birthday present for myself and I couldn't be happier.  She is mischievous and tries to eat everything in the yard but her favorite is sticks/branches. Her brindle color is beautiful and she is very popular in my neighborhood. She loves the dog door and usually tries to come in as fast as she can, sometimes with a stick.  It doesn't always work very well.  She gets along great with other dogs in my family. She is 20 pounds now, and I feed her Rachael Ray Nutrish Small Bites. She loves it. My buying experience was great too. You guys were to intent and helpful when getting her to me here in Idaho. We couldn't be happier that she is part of our family. Thanks so much!

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